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70% of employees aged 21-40 want to run their own business: poll

2017/03/13 14:54:31

Taipei, March 13 (CNA) Almost 70 percent of employees aged 21-40 in Taiwan want to set up their own businesses, according to a survey released Monday by online 1111 job bank.

Citing the survey, the job bank said that about 33.1 percent of employees in the 21-30 age bracket said that they intend to create their own business, while about 35 percent of employees in the 31-40 age group are considering such a move.

The job bank said that the survey results show that many employees have been frustrated by low wages in the country and have become keen to find a way to break the income doldrums.

According to the 1111 job bank, among the respondents in the 21-30 age bracket who said they want to have their own business, 67 percent have a university degree, while among all the age groups polled, 62.8 percent have graduated from university.

1111 Job Bank Vice President Daniel Lee (李大華) said that employees, in particular first-time jobseekers, face an unfriendly job market in Taiwan, where low wages persist and promotion opportunities are few.

The poll came after Microbio Co. Ltd. (中天生技) Chairman Lu Kung-ming (路孔明) said last week that the average starting salary for new graduates in Taiwan has changed little over the past 35 years, which he said poses a threat to the country's development.

An earlier survey released by another online job bank, yes123, last week shows that the average anticipated starting salary of new college and university graduates stands at NT$31,284 (US$1,009), down NT$254 or 0.8 percent from a similar survey conducted a year earlier.

Over the past three years, the yes123 survey indicates that first- time jobseekers do not have high expectations of a significant increase in their starting salary at a time when the job market in Taiwan has suffered long term wage stagnation.

According to the 1111 survey, among the employees who want to have their own business, 30.0 percent said that they aim to join a franchise to run a restaurant or food stall, and 22.5 percent said that they plan to enter the beverage business or have their own coffee shops.

The job bank said that the average funds planned by the polled employees to build their businesses stand at about NT$770,000 and the potential bosses tend to raise the funds through savings, bank loans and financial support from family members or friends.

The survey, conducted from January to December last year, collected 3,164 valid questionnaires, including 1,046 in the 21-30 age group, the job bank said.

(By Chiu Po-sheng and Frances Huang)